Lynn Maudlin's House of Bread

Nice Enough Girls
by Lynn Maudlin, © Moonbird Music Co. 2001
All rights reserved

My life is not what I expected it to be -
Across the Jordan I have raised a family
My boys grow up and Moabites is what they marry
But I guess they're nice enough girls.

I planned for a wedding that would take a week or two
And all my friends would come and make a big to do -
And we'd drink and laugh and weep and sing and drink and hullabaloo
Because they're nice enough girls.

Chilion went and married Orpah
What kind of name is that? Orpah
And Mahlon married Ruth.

It's been ten years and they still haven't reproduced
This isn't Bethlehem but still they could bear fruit -
Not a grandson from Orpah or a granddaughter from Ruth
But still, they're nice enough girls.

All rights reserved
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